Air Moldova has celebrated 20 since its founding

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Air Moldova carrier announced that in January it is turning 20 years since its founding. The company was established by presidential decree at 12 January 1993 and for 20 for years has made air connections between Chisinau and over 25 of European destinations.

Air Moldova is a market leader in the Republic of Moldova for air transport and one of the most recognized Moldovan brands. During this period, Air Moldova carried over 6 million passengers between Chisinau and 25 of cities in Europe and performed over 60 thousands of flights.


The main airport of the company is Chisinau International Airport, from where Air Moldova operates regular flights to 18 destinations: Frankfurt, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid, Bucharest, London, Athens, Larnaca, Rome, Milan, Verona, Bologna, Paris, Dublin, Moscow , St. Petersburg, Surgut and Kiev. The company offers two classes of service - Econom and Business.

Currently, the company "Air Moldova" owns about 50% of the air flow of passengers, registered on the Moldovan market.

"Air Moldova" occupies the leading position in the field of electronic ticketing. Thus, in May 2006 the company, among the first in the CIS states, implemented the electronic ticket, and since June 2007 the sale of online tickets was implemented on the website

For the convenience of passengers, "Air Moldova" successfully implements intermodal transportation, which involves air travel and land travel. In 2008 the company launched the "Air & Rail" program on the Chisinau-Frankfurt destination, which was later extended to the Chisinau-Moscow and Chisinau-London destinations.

Thus, Air Moldova is positioned as a safe and stable company, which emphasizes the modernization of the fleet, the diversification of services and destinations, the quality of services and passenger safety, the compliance with international norms and the widening of the market position.

Thus, Air Moldova aims to become an air carrier that offers its passengers the best services in the region at the most affordable prices. In the 2013 jubilee year, the national carrier prepares many pleasant surprises for its customers: new services, lower prices and better quality.

The company has modern aircraft such as Airbus А320 (3 aircraft), Embraer 190 (one aircraft) and Embraer 120 (one aircraft).

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