Air Serbia wants to expand in Romania!

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Air Serbia officials recently revealed that the airline plans to expand its network in the winter season, after a summer focused on consolidation. Air Serbia CEO Jiri Marek revealed more about the airline's short-haul expansion strategy, focusing on both its regional and European network.

"As for European short-haul or regional destinations, there are different strategies. Regionally, we already cover seventeen destinations in the former Yugoslavia, with the most recent addition being Mostar, which launched in April. Most destinations are served by the ATR turboprop fleet". said Mr. Jiri Marek. He also added: "We are also looking at the Balkans and Eastern Europe because if you look at the geographical position of Belgrade, there are a lot of opportunities in Bulgaria and Romania. At the moment, we only serve the capitals of the two countries plus one destination on the shores of the Black Sea - Varna. Therefore, the potential exists, and the next destination could be, most likely, from Romania...", write

When it comes to the European operational network, Mr Marek said that most destinations in Europe with point-to-point demand are covered. "Regarding the European market, we have looked hard at destinations with high demand for point-to-point traffic, but there is almost no destination we don't fly to. The best example of this was when Wizz Air announced its expansion from Belgrade, and all the launched destinations were already served by Air Serbia….".

At this moment, the Romanian destination targeted by Air Serbia has not been mentioned, but it could be Iasi, Timișoara or Cluj-Napoca. Or maybe Brașov if we take into account the fact that the new route could have been launched in the winter schedule.

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