Bankruptcy AirBerlin / Last flights, on 27 October

On October 27, AirBerlin will operate the latest commercial flights. Unfortunately, one of the largest European carriers will cease its activity.

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AirBerlin, an air carrier we enjoy, will completely shut down on 28 October 2017. After Etihad Airways stopped pumping money, AirBerlin declared its bankruptcy on 15 in August.

Once upon a time, AirBerlin!

AirBerlin ceases its activity

Initially a reorganization period was announced, after which the air carrier had to be on the waterline. But the inevitable happened. Increasing debts and lower sales have prompted the Berlin authorities to set the company up for bankruptcy.

Compared to other airline operators that went bankrupt overnight, AirBerlin continued to operate a large part of the flights, thanks to a loan of 150 of millions of EURO from the German government.

The latest AirBerlin flights, on 27 October 2017

For AirBerlin assets, Lufthansa and easyJet have opted. According to the latest information, it appears that Lufthansa will buy 81 from aircraft (including Niki and LGW subsidiaries) with 200 of millions of EURO, but also 3000 of employees.

It will probably take about 3 months until EU organizations give the green light for this purchase (antitrust checks will be made).

Lufthansa and Eurowings (a low-cost subsidiary of the German group) have already announced new replacement routes for AirBerlin flights.

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