AirBerlin continues to operate at Berlin-Tegel airport

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After the less pleasant news, last week, about the delay of the opening of the Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt airport, AirBerlin took measures to implement the expanded flight program, designed for the new airport, under the conditions of the old airport Berlin-Tegel.

Thus, special measures have been taken on Tigel to ensure optimal conditions for honoring the expanded AirBerlin flight schedule.

Reservations remain valid and passengers will not be affected, but be careful not to mistake the airport. The only ones who will suffer are the passengers scheduled for the special races that were to mark the closing of Tigel and the opening of Berlin Brandenburg, from 2 and 3 June to 2012. They will be contacted by the airline for details.

Currently, the Berlin operator is under heavy test. Over 1 million passengers must be contacted to confirm the departure airport, must maintain the extended schedule and honor all promises related to services announced and scheduled for BER.

This will probably be the case all summer long. Let us hope that the great airport will open by autumn.

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