Airbus has begun assembling the first A350 XWB

Airbus has begun assembling the first A350 XWB

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The newest project, in the field of civil aircraft, is the Airbus brand A350 XWB - a family of twin-engine, ultra-modern, two-color (widebody) passenger aircraft, long courier, in the design phase. The final assembly of the first A350 XWB aircraft is taking place right now on the new line of the Toulouse factory.

This structure of the first A350 XWB aircraft will be used for static structural tests, a process by which all new aircraft pass the road to the certification process. The first flight for A350 XWB, under the name MSN1, will take place this summer.

The central part of the fuselage was delivered with the help of the aircraft Airbus Beluga. It was transported from St Nazaire, France, on the 4 April. The front part was delivered, also from St. Nazaire, on 23 December 2011. The rear parts of the fuselage will be delivered from Hamburg, Germany, and will take place in the coming weeks. The wings will be delivered from Broughton, UK.

A350 XWB aircraft fuselage it is made up, as you have read above, of three main sections - front, center and stern (as in steam). These will be joined together at the main assembly line, station 50. After this stage, the fuselage is transferred to the 40 station where the wings and tail will be joined. And here's how a new airplane model comes in shape. If all goes well, the tests can start even earlier than the date previously set.

In February, Airbus tested the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine, the model that will equip A350 XWB aircraft. The engine was mounted on an Airbus A380 and the performance and efficiency of fuel consumption in the air were tested for approximately 5 hours. Everything went smoothly.

53% of the A350 XWB aircraft structure is made of composite materials, titanium and advanced aluminum alloys. To these we add Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) and get a fuselage easy to maintain and with a very good weight / fuel consumption ratio.

At the moment, The A350XWB family is in the development phase of three models:
- A350-800 is the smallest model. It has a range of 15.400 km with 270 passengers in a cabin with 3 classes. Will be in service in 2014.
- A350-900 is the average model. It has a range of 15.000 km with 314 passengers. Will be in service in 2013.
- A350-1000 is the high capacity model. It has a range of 14.800 km with 350 passengers. It will be entered in 2015.

So far, over 560 of A350XWB aircraft have been ordered.

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