Airbus delivered the 8000 aircraft to AirAsia

Airbus delivered the 8000 aircraft to AirAsia

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August started with a notable event for Airbus. He delivered the 8000 aircraft, an A320 to AirAsia. Airbus is the largest European company for civil and military aircraft, having an important role globally. It was founded in the year 1970, following an agreement between France, Germany and the United Kingdom that wanted to create competition for the US monopoly on the aircraft market. The company is part of the European EADS concern and is a direct competitor to Boeing.


According to official figures, the company received orders for approximately 13 000 units. On August 3, it delivered the 8000 aircraft, and the rest are in operation. Airbus has a fairly large product line, covering every segment of the market from 100 to 500 seats. Airbus aircraft are recognized worldwide for efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

It has been 17 years since the aircraft with the number 1000 was delivered and less than two years since the aircraft was delivered with the number 7000. Current orders could be honored in about 8 years, all relative to current production rates.

Currently, over 500 of air carriers have Airbus aircraft in operational service, carrying over 10 billion passengers. On average, an Airbus plane lands or takes off every two seconds. Airbus aircraft are used for short, medium, long and very long flights.

In connection with the delivery of the aircraft with the number 8000, it reached AirAsia, the largest low-cost carrier in Asia. It has a fleet consisting of Airbus aircraft, 141 operational units and other 475 aircraft (264 A320neo and 211 A320ceo).

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