Airbus A220 has been certified ETOPS 180 (Photo / Video)

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On 14 January 2019, Airbus A220 was certified ETOPS 180 by Transport Canada (Canadian Civil Aviation Authority). Thus, Airbus A220 can fly up to 180 minutes away from the nearest operational airport.


The notion of ETOPS was introduced by ICAO through 1980 and represents a set of rules that commercial aircraft with 2 engines must adhere to in order to operate flights, being more than 60 minutes flight time from the nearest airport. .

A220, ETOPS 180 certificate

Some time ago I wrote an article through which I answered the question "Why airplanes don't always fly in a straight line? ". One of the points mentioned in the article refers to the most efficient route, but it must also be the safest.

Commercial aircraft with 2 engines can fly on different routes, but they have several backup airports in the flight plan so they can land in an emergency.

According to the ETOPS 180 certificate, an A220 aircraft can fly on a certain trajectory that allows it to be at 180 minutes of flight to the nearest airport. And the ultimate test is that the plane can fly in an engine this distance to the nearest airport.

This ETOPS certification opens new horizons for the Airbus A220 family of aircraft. Airlines can operate this type of aircraft on different flight paths much more efficient, even over seas and oceans.


Airbus A220 could operate flights on the routes London - New York, Los Angeles - Honolulu or Auckland - Papeete. We remind you that the Airbus A220 has a flight range of up to 5920 kilometers.

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