Airbus A300-600F UPS crashed near an airport in Birmingham, Alabama (video)

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On 14 August 2013, an Airbus A300-600F UPS crashed near Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, Alabama, United States. The cargo aircraft operated the UPS1354 flight between Louisville International and Birmingham-Shuttlesworth, approximately 45 minutes.


After the accident, the plane broke into several pieces and caught fire. Remnants of the plane, but also the cargo arrived on the field, on a large surface, even in the yards of some locals.


Airbus confirmed the accident and announced that the aircraft involved had the code N155UP (serial number MSN841). It was delivered in 2003, directly from the production line. It operated over 6800 flights and recorded over 11000 hours in the operational program. The plane was powered by two Pratt & Whitney engines. At present, the causes of the accident are still unknown, and investigations are continuing. Unfortunately, 2 people died, the pilot and the co-pilot.

Although there has been more speculation in the international press, I prefer to let the competent authorities speak and then communicate it. The aircraft's black boxes have been recovered and will arrive at the NTSB headquarters in Washington. Investigators hope to find clues as to how the accident occurred.

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