Airbus A310 YR-LCA TAROM on the last commercial flight

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Saturday, October 29 October 2016, Airbus A310 YR-LCA TAROM operated the last commercial flight. An unforgettable day for many aviation lovers, whether we are talking about pilots, flight attendants or passengers.

Airbus A310 YR-LCA TAROM

The aircraft Airbus A310-300 YR-LCA is 24.8 years since the first flight. Named "Transylvania", the plane arrived in the TAROM fleet on 17 December 1992. Until 2003, A310 aircraft were used on long-haul flights to Bangkok, Beijing, New York, Singapore, Montreal, but also to European destinations.

After giving up transatlantic flights, A310 TAROM aircraft continued to operate to European and Eastern destinations: Madrid, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Amsterdam, Athens, etc. They even flew on the domestic route Bucharest - Timisoara.

The event, which marked the withdrawal of the aircraft from the TAROM fleet, took place in front of the Official Show. After landing in Bucharest, the A310 (YR-LCA) plane was met by former pilots and TAROM flight attendants. At the same time, aviation lovers and media representatives greeted the latest A310 TAROM. The traditional water curtain was not lacking.

Photos of Airbus A310 (YR-LCA) on the last flight

Airbus TAROM a310-yr-LCA


Airbus TAROM a310-yr-LCA


Airbus TAROM a310-yr-LCA


PHOTO: Oana Cucu

PHOTO: Cristian Dumitru /

Airbus TAROM a310-yr-LCA 7


PHOTO: Laurentiu Taroiu

The moment was emotional and sad. Officially, from October 29 2016, TAROM remained with 21 of narrow-body (single-aisle) aircraft in the fleet. Will it be able to cover the operational network and demand on certain flights?

In September 2016, shortly after retirement of the Airbus A310 (YR-LCB), we asked for a view on the future of the fleet. TAROM answered us.

For the winter season, TAROM considers two variants:
1: covering the current routes with the 21 of aircraft available in the fleet, in conjunction with the reassessment of the frequencies and routes existing in the TAROM portfolio.

2. Wet lease lease of an aircraft to cover the entire operating volume, including additional charter flights in winter.

What will be the future of the TAROM fleet starting with 2017? I don't think anyone knows exactly. According to the response received from TAROM, the opportunities for renting some dry lease aircraft are analyzed.

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