Airbus A321 URAL Airlines, landed in the cornfield / Engine failure after colliding with a flock of birds

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Today, 15 August 2019, the Airbus A321-200 URAL Airlines (VQ-BOZ) aircraft landed in an emergency in a corn lane. The plane took off from Moscow, with the destination Simferopol Airport. It operated the U6-178 flight and had 233 persons on board (226 passengers and 7 crew members).

Immediately after taking off from Zhukovsky International Airport - Moscow, the aircraft intersected with a flock of birds, some of them hitting both engines. Following the bird strike incident, both engines of the aircraft failed. The pilots were forced to stop and make an emergency landing.

Airbus A321 URAL Airlines, landed on maize

The plane was brought to the ground in a corn chain, which is approximately 4 km from the airport. We should mention that the aircraft had the landing gear withdrawn. As a result of the forced landing, the plane suffered significant damage to the wings and fuselage.

Everyone on board was evacuated on the emergency slides. Following the incident, 23 were reported by the injured, of which 10 persons (including 3 children) were transported to the hospital.

The intervention crews cooled the engines, inspected the aircraft cabin and took the injured. 8 buses took passengers back to Zhukovsky International Airport.

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