Airbus A340-600 Iberia, hard landing at Quito (Video)

On August 11, after a flight operated from Madrid, the Airbus A340-600 Iberia aircraft had a hard landing in Quito, Ecuador. The plane suffered major damage.

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On August 11, after a flight operated on the route Madrid - Quito, the Airbus A340-600 (EC-LEU) Iberia aircraft suffered significant damage after landing in the capital of Ecuador. The pictures show us how the aircraft hit the runway quite hard. The pilots decided to cancel the landing, went around and brought the aircraft to the ground in the second attempt.

Due to the violent impact, Airbus A340-600 Iberia suffered significant damage, which resulted in the cancellation of the return flight. Following the checks, after parking the aircraft, Ecuadorian technicians found that the 10 tire exploded.

In the A340-600 model, it is positioned on the central bogie, which is equipped with 4 wheels. At the same time, the technicians found that the braking system of the rear wheels of the central hinge lost hydraulic fluid.

Airbus A340-600 Iberia - hard landing in Quito

Airbus A340-600 (EC-LEU) Iberia returned to Madrid on 27 in August, but Spanish officials did not mention the date when it will return to operational service. Airbus A340-600 (EC-LEU) Iberia has 9,6 years of flights, a young plane. Propulsion is provided by 4 RR Trent 556A2-61 engines. It can carry up to 346 passengers in a configuration with 2 classes.

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