Airbus A350-900 painted in Lufthansa colors (PHOTO / VIDEO)

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Earlier this month, Lufthansa presented pictures with the first Airbus A350-900. It was freshly painted in the colors of the German carrier. After 11 state days at the paint shop, during which 30 people painted a total area of ​​2100 square meters, the aircraft was presented to the public.



Airbus A350-900 Lufthansa

For the first time the identification code could be observed D-AIXA. The "X" in the code is in association with the "X" from Airbus A350 XWB (extra wide body). The width of an A350 XWB cab measures 5.6 meters, providing generous passenger space.

First A350 XWB Lufthansa of the 10 ordered will be allocated to the Munich base. It will be used on flights to Boston and Delhi. The aircraft can carry up to 293 passengers, in a configuration with 3 classes: 48 seats in Business Class, 21 seats in Premium Economy and 224 seats in Economy Class.

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