Airbus A380 Air France la Rio de Janeiro

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Airbus A380 Air France la Rio de Janeiro. On 22 August, at 20: 05, the first Airbus A380 landed at RIOgaleão - Tom Jobim International Airport. It was a flight Air France, operated on the route Paris - Rio de Janeiro, on the occasion of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The aircraft was greeted with the traditional salute of water cannons.

Airbus A380 Air France la RIO


At the same time, this flight also marked the introduction of RIOgaleão airport on the list of 230 airports around the world ready to receive Airbus A380 aircraft.


Four Latin American airports are now ready to receive commercial flights with A380 and support increased air traffic in the region. The four airports are: Tom Jobim International Airport, Benito Juarez Mexico City Airport, Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport and Cancun International Airport.

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