Airbus A380 Emirates - Hard Landing in Düsseldorf

On October 5, passengers on the Dubai - Düsseldorf flight, who were aboard an Airbus A380 Emirates, had a special and thrilling landing.

The airport in Düsseldorf is famous for its shear winds and the famous side-wind landings (crosswind landing).

We have presented you many spectacular landings from Düsseldorf, but there is no comparison with what the colleagues at Cargospotter have filmed.

Airbus A380-Emirates-hard-landing

Hard Landing in Düsseldorf

An Airbus A380 Emirates aircraft suffered "Hard Landing" during a storm. At first everything seems normal, the pilots applying the landing procedures specific to the severe weather conditions with lateral wind. Nothing was to anticipate what would happen after the touchdown.

After the wheels touched the ground (touchdown), the aircraft began to "dance" like a drift racing car. During this time, the pilots made considerable efforts to align the aircraft with the runway. This movie shows the incredible skills of the pilots and the level of training. However, we are talking about an Airbus A380.

It all ended well, but how did the passengers feel about this landing?

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