Airbus A380 has celebrated 5 years since the first commercial flight

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On 25 October 2012, Airbus has celebrated 5 years since the first commercial flight operated by a A380. The "Queen of Heaven" took off from the ground on the first commercial flight on October 25, 2007, from Changi Airport. Singapore Airlines was the launch airline, and flight SQ380 would connect Singapore and Sydney. That's how a page in the history of airlines was written.

5 years have passed, and superjumbo is enjoying real success. It was ordered by 20 by airline operators and over 260 units were requested. At the moment, Airbus A380 Nine carriers are in the fleets: Air France, China Southern, Emirates, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways International. Other 11 companies are waiting as: British Airways, Etihad, Qatar, Virgin Atlantic, Asiana Airlines etc.

86 units were delivered, and the largest fleet of Airbus A380 is operated by Emirates with 26 units in service and 64 on order. second place is Singapore Airlines with operational 19 A380, and the other days it has ordered more 5 A380 and 20 A350 XWB. Daily flights over 120 are performed with A380. Every 7 minutes, an A380 aircraft takes off or lands at one of the largest airports in the world. This type of aircraft is used on long flights, the average being 13 hours per segment.

Top 10 airports on which the A380 operates: Dubai, Singapore, Frankfurt, London-Heathrow, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Sydney, Hong Kong, Seoul, New York-JFK and Tokyo-Narita.

Airbus A380 can carry between 600 and 900 passengers, depending on the configuration. However, there are airline operators who want bigger aircraft. That's how the project came about Airbus A380-900, an aircraft that will be able to carry up to 1000 passengers. Lufthansa and Air France-KLM are two major airlines that have shown interest in the new model.

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