Paris Air Show 2017: Airbus A380 PLUS - more efficient and comfortable

At the Paris Air Show 2017, Airbus unveiled an Airbus A380 Plus. It is a more spacious, efficient and comfortable A380!

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Aircraft with 4 engines (Boeing 747 or Airbus A380) are increasingly losing ground to models with 2 engines (Boeing 777 / 787 or Airbus A350). Boeing failed to convince with the new 747-8i model, and Airbus was challenged to remove a new generation from the A380 family.


Airbus A380 Plus

Through 2014, within the aeronautical fair in Berlin, Airbus was showing signs that it is preparing a new A380 model. It relied on a larger, more spacious and efficient model. Some foresaw the emergence of the model A380-900. Even Emirates, which owns the largest fleet of super-jumbo aircraft, was interested in a new A380 version.

And what is Airbus presenting at the Paris Air Show 2017? With Airbus A380 Plus. It's nothing revolutionary, just a slightly improved new version. It remains to be seen if the new generation of Airbus A380 Plus aircraft will succeed.


What does A380 Plus bring?

According to the official statement, the new #A380plus comes equipped with larger and more efficient wings, and at the ends are the new ones split scimitar winglets 4.7 meters high (3.5 meters at the top and 1.2 meters at the bottom). This upgrade contributes to lower fuel consumption by up to 4%.

The interior of the aircraft has been modified to make room for 80 more seats, but without compromising on quality and comfort. It may sound strange, but Airbus has slightly modified the interior structure, plus the arrangement on the rows and still has 80 of seats in the standard configuration.

497 seats represent the average capacity of current A380 aircraft. With the new facilities found at A380 Plus, the number of seats in the average configuration will change from 497 to 575 in four classes and will generate much higher revenues for airlines.

Airbus A380 remains a beloved passenger plane and catches the eyes of onlookers. It is the only 2 complete deck, offering passengers the quietest, quietest and most comfortable travel. To date, over 170 millions of passengers have enjoyed the experience of flying an A380.

Frank Vermeire, Head of A380 Marketing

With the launch of the new A380 Plus, Airbus wants to stimulate sales in this market segment. Due to the new changes, Airbus A380 Plus will have a maximum take-off mass (MTOW) of 578 tonnes, offering the flexibility to carry up to 80 of passengers over the limit encountered at the current A380.

Airbus has also done little to streamline operational costs. Improving the aerodynamic systems and changing the airspeed verification periods will reduce maintenance costs and increase the availability of aircraft.

By drawing the line, Airbus announces a reduction in operational / passenger cost by up to 13%. It might sound tempting to airlines.

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