Airbus A380 is the giant of the sky / The only aircraft with 2 complete decks (video)

The Super Jumbo, as Airbus A380 is also recognized, enjoys success among passengers!

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After introducing you to Boeing's largest commercial passenger aircraft - Boeing 747, today I tell you about the Airbus A380, the largest passenger plane on Airbus. Currently, the Airbus A380 is the air giant, the largest passenger aircraft in series production. And the only plane with 2 complete decks.

Airbus A380 can fly a maximum distance of 15200km

The aircraft is four-seater and offers long-haul flights up to 15.200 km. It can fly on very long transoceanic and transcontinental flights. It is the only complete floor plane, being very easy to recognize at an airport. Each deck has two colors, the aircraft being certified for operations with up to 880 passengers in a single class.


The aircraft is a true work of art of technology. Its dimensions are worthy of the record book: 73 m length, 79,8 m wingspan, 24,1 m height and 7,14 m fuselage width. It can fly at a maximum altitude of 13000m, with a speed of about 900 Km / h, at a maximum distance of 15.200km.

The first flight was made in 2005, and the first commercial flight on 25 October 2007, on the route Singapore - Sydney. The first airline to receive an Airbus A380 in the fleet is Singapore Airlines. Currently, there is only the model Airbus A380-800, but there are rumors announcing a A380-900 and even A380-1000. The very large wings allow the fuselage to be adjusted.

I invite you to watch a documentary made by National Geographic and see the stages of construction, how the airplane was tested, how the engines are tested, the sanitary system, how the first model was assembled, etc.

Airbus A380

Airbus A380 - tests and certification

I wish you a pleasant trip and enjoy the most beautiful experiences aboard this type of aircraft. I hope in the near future I will board an A380!

Airbus A380 technical specifications

passengers525 (3 class)
644 (2 class)
853 (1 class)
Wing wings79,75m
Fuselage width7,14m
Cabin width (lower floor)6,54m
Cabin width (upper floor)5,80m
Wing surface845 m²
Own table (empty)276.800 kg
Maximum permitted take-off mass (MTOW)575.000 kg
Maximum load90.800 kg
Cruise speed0,89 Mach (945 km / h)
Full speed0,96 Mach (1020 km / h)
Take-off distance to MTOW2.950 m (9.020 ft)
Autonomy15.700 km (8.200 miles)
Maximum altitude (service ceiling)13.136 m (43.000 ft)
Maximum fuel capacity310.000 l
Engines (4 x)GP7270 (A380-861)
Trent 970 / B (A380-841)
Trent 972 / B (A380-842)
  1. Claudiu says

    it also has B747 half floor 🙂

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      That's how I added that A380 is the only one with a full floor, so that no discussions will occur 😀

  2. Andreea says

    Super cool item! Good job! If I hadn't been to the office, I'd watch the documentary

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      The documentary was taken over by Discovery… The one from National has disappeared from Youtube. And I don't think too many texts are ok: D. So watch the documentary!

    2. Ecks says

      After photographing him in the sky almost every day at 11.000 meters on several destinations to Heathrow, Manchester… I managed to catch him in Manchester when he descended from the air, I highly recommend 🙂

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