Airbus ACJ319 first flew to Antarctica in 2008 #airbus50

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Airbus has been celebrating 50 for years since its inception. To mark the anniversary, Airbus publishes a story every day (29 May - 17 July 2019) about people and development in aeronautics. One of the stories refers to the first Airbus ACJ319 flight to Antarctica.

It's been more than 10 years since the first commercial aircraft, the Airbus ACJ319, landed on the frozen runway in Antarctica. The aircraft was carrying investigators to the McMurdo Station at the South Pole.

Airbus ACJ319 in Antarctica

At the helm of the plane was Captain Garry Studd. The flight operated between Hobart and Wilkins Aerodrome, which lasted approximately 4.5 hours. It landed at 4: 30 in the morning, on 18 January 2008.

This pioneering moment marked the beginning of regular flights from Hobart to Wilkins Aerodrome, which Skytraders continues to operate to this day. Scientists are quickly and safely transported to the research base at the South Pole.

Airbus acj319-Antarctica-50 1-year-Airbus

Airbus ACJ319 flights to Antarctica have contributed to scientific progress. Until these flights, scientists were traveling by boat from Hobart to Casey's base, a road that lasted about 4 days.

Airbus ACJ319-Antarctic-McMurdo-Ice-Runway-Skytraders

Returning to the Airbus ACJ319, it has demonstrated its operational reliability and versatility in hostile environments. For pilots, it's a real challenge to land on ice tracks. There are no clear landmarks for the distance to the ground and the surrounding objects.

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