Airbus has started delivering A350 XWB aircraft with touchscreens in the cockpit

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On December 18, 2019, Airbus delivered the first A350 XWB with touchscreens in the cockpit. This is an A350 painted in China Eastern Airlines livery. It has implemented a new display system, which also includes touch screen displays. The new system has been approved by industry authorities, including EASA.

Of the six large cockpit screens, three can be converted to touch screens. These are the two exterior displays plus the screen at the bottom of the center panel. The new screens complement the existing physical keyboard integrated into the retractable table in front of each pilot, as well as the "keyboard-cursor control unit" (KCCU) located on the center console.

A350 XWB with touchscreens in the cockpit

A350-cockpit touchscreens

Scenarios can be multiple for situations when pilots will be able to quickly use touch screens. Before taking off, you can check the performance of the aircraft by entering the data in the flight management system "FMS". During the flight, the pilots can access with a simple touch of the screen the navigation charts and many more.

Airbus A350 XWB is one of the most efficient and modern wide-body aircraft. It comes with the most efficient aerodynamic design, with carbon fiber fuselage and wings and modern Rolls-Royce engines. All these characteristics lead to unmatched levels of operational efficiency. By the end of November, the A350 XWB family of aircraft had firm orders for 959 units from 51 customers.

In 2015, I was at the Airbus base in Toulouse and saw an A350 XWB up close. And at the invitation of Lufthansa, I flew aboard an A350 XWB on the route Munich - Budapest. I can say that the A350 XWB is one of the most elegant and reliable aircraft in the operational service.

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