Airbus Beluga XL, the new attraction at the Wunderland Miniature (video)

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Even in the ashes of Hamburg, Germany, there is a miniature world. It's about Miniatur Wunderland, the largest miniature amusement park in the world. I had the opportunity to visit him and to lose the notion of time. There are so many beautiful areas that you don't know what to look at. But most of all I appreciated Knuffingen Airport, a copy of the airport in Hamburd.

You can see many planes and cars in motion. We saw Boeing 777-300ER Air France, Boeing 747-400 Eva Air and Airbus A380-800 Lufthansa. Also missing are Antonov An-124 Cargo and the Space Shuttle Discovery. There are over 40 planes, on the ground and in flight, at Knuffingen Airport

There is a runway where the planes land and take off, the control tower and the main terminal, a cargo area and a hangar service, all copied after Hamburg International Airport.


Airbus Beluga XL at the Wunderland Miniature

And for several days, the new star of Knuffingen Airport is Airbus Beluga XL. Better said, it's the Beluga XS, the little brother of the famous Beluga XL to fly to the Wunderland Miniature.

I have a word! Beluga is a nice ugly plane. For many, it's a horrible plane. For those who are passionate about aviation and photography, it is one of the most sought after aircraft.

Are you curious where his name came from? In a simple search, you will find that Beluga is a species of white dolphin. And if you look at the Beluga XL plane with the Beluga fish you will also discover similarities in design: D.

About Beluga and Airbus Beluga XL

I remind you that Beluga aircraft are used by Airbus to transport fuselage parts to aircraft assembly lines. The current Beluga fleet cannot fulfill some transport tasks. Certain components of the A350 XWB are larger than the cargo area of ​​the current Beluga. But the new Beluga XL will solve this problem.

The Beluga XL aircraft fleet will be able to carry the main components of the A350 XWB aircraft, including a pair of wings. During the 2019-2023 period, 5 Beluga XL aircraft will be built, based on the A330-200 model. The propulsion will be provided by the Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines.

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