Airbus BelugaXL, in complete livery (Photo / Video)

On June 28, the first Airbus BelugaXL was presented in full livery. As it turns out, we named it the "Flying Dolphin". And not by chance. The name Beluga comes from a species of white dolphins, found in the waters of the Arctic Ocean.

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On 28 June 2018, the first Airbus BelugaXL came out of the paint. It was presented in a special livery, which was chosen following a survey conducted among Airbus employees. 6 livery variants were sent for voting, and 40% of the 20 000 participants chose "smiley livery". All in all, the color scheme takes us to the white dolphin where the name Beluga comes from.

Airbus BelugaXL in the new livery

The aircraft will undergo ground tests before operating the first flight, which is scheduled this summer. Airbus BelugaXL appeared following the 2014 decision wave. The current fleet of Belbus Airbus cargo aircraft cannot carry certain components required for Airbus aircraft. Thus, it was decided to build a new fleet of Airbus cargo aircraft, named BelugaXL.

Airbus BelugaXL-painted


The new oversized aircraft are built on the A330-200 platform, but the fuselage has been adapted to the new transport requirements. The first of five BelugaXLs will fly in the summer of this year and will enter operational service in 2019. With the introduction of these aircraft, the production of A350 XWB family aircraft will also increase.

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