Airbus delivered 100 of A350 XWB aircraft

On July 26, the 100 Airbus A350 XWB departed from the Toulouse delivery center. This is of the A350-900 type and has arrived in the China Airlines fleet. The A350 XWB sets new standards for efficiency and comfort on long flights, making it a perfect aircraft for China Airlines.

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On 26 July 2017, it was delivered 100 aircraft from the A350 XWB family. Only 30 months have passed since the delivery of the first aircraft from the newest widebody aircraft family developed by Airbus.

100 of aircraft A350 XWB

The Mileston aircraft is the 36 produced this year, and the Airbus plan is to reach 10 A350 XWB aircraft delivered monthly to the end of 2018.


If we spend a little time back, the first A350 was delivered on 22 December 2014 and arrived in the Qatar Airways fleet. To date, 14 airline operators have received this type of aircraft, which has been introduced on 110 routes, having an operational reliability of 99%. Over 13 millions of passengers enjoyed the new facilities offered by the A350 XWB aircraft.

The A350 XWB family of aircraft comprises 3 members: A350-800, A350-900 and A350-1000. The last one is still in the testing phase, the first delivery being scheduled in the fourth quarter of this year.


To date, Airbus has registered orders for 847 aircraft A350 XWB, which came from 45 customers worldwide, making it already one of the most successful aircraft.

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