The Airbus Helicopters H145M helicopter was presented for the first time in Romania

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The Demo Tour event of Airbus Helicopters takes place between April 12-14, dedicated to the presentation of the H145M military helicopter to the Romanian governmental and military agencies. The event comes shortly after the signing, in March, of the Industrial Cooperation Agreement between Airbus Helicopters and IAR for the personalization in Romania of the H145M helicopter for attack missions for the Romanian armed forces.

Guests can experience in person the enhanced capabilities of the five-blade H145M military helicopter through a series of technical presentations, virtual reality (VR) displays and helicopter flights.

H145M is a military helicopter with a formidable reputation, which combines power, performance and agility, covering the whole spectrum of military missions, from multi-role utilitarian missions to multi-role attack: military reconnaissance, attack, ISTAR (information, surveillance, target tracking, reconnaissance), Command & Control, ground fire support, attack, anti-tank warfare, escort, tactical transport, MEDEVAC and CASEVAC.

The H145M was developed for day and night use as well as in extremely unfavorable conditions. Powered by two high-performance Turbomeca Arriel 2E engines, it is equipped with full-authority digital engine control (FADEC) and the Helionix digital avionics suite. The model is distinguished by its low acoustic footprint, which makes it one of the quietest helicopters in its class due to advanced technology, for example the Fenestron rotor specific to Airbus Helicopters.

The H145M has proven its effectiveness on fleets in various countries around the world

Another element that makes the H145M a formidable helicopter is the fully qualified HForce incremental modular weapon system. HForce is a flexible equipment and armament concept that allows users to configure their helicopters in record time (15 minutes for cabin reconfiguration) to fulfill specific roles and requirements, with a multifunctional mission computer and a wide range of armament (air -air, air-ground, ballistic or guided) to meet any operational need. The HForce concept also emphasizes connectivity to other aircraft, own troops and unmanned systems to better coordinate the effect of forces and weapons on the network.

H145M has proven its effectiveness on fleets in various countries around the world, such as Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Luxembourg and Thailand. German Special Forces use the H145M for the most difficult missions, such as fighting terrorism.

H145M completes, together with H215M, the Airbus Helicopters offer, in partnership with IAR, for the Romanian military authorities.

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