Airbus: Inspection of drone aircraft

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Airbus showed how to conduct a visual inspection of aircraft using a drone. The demonstration took place at the Farnborough International Airshow 2016.

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The drone, which is equipped with a high-definition camera, performs a visual inspection for the aircraft's top. It is piloted with the help of a flight control system, under the close supervision of a human pilot.

Aircraft inspection using drones

Aircam_filming_with_Airbus_drone _-_ FIA_2016-116

Aircam_filming_with_Airbus_drone _-_ FIA_2016-120

The remote control aircraft (UAV) follows a predetermined flight path and automatically takes a series of images. All of these images, and especially those with non-quality potential, such as scratches, scratches and paint defects, are compiled into an 3D digital model.



These are recorded in a database and then analyzed. These data help improve traceability, prevent and reduce damage.

The benefits of this innovative tool and process are significant. Time for aircraft inspection is shortened. Data acquisition by drones takes 10-15 minutes, instead of 2 hours using conventional methods.

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