Airbus is preparing a new version of the A380 superjumbo?

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To counteract the arrival of the new generation of aircraft Boeing 777X, Airbus will have to come with an upgrade to the A380 superjumbo.

Fabrice Brégier, Airbus CEO, declared at the Berlin aeronautical fair that Airbus A380 will keep up with competing models. Even if nothing has been officially announced, Airbus is preparing something new in the A380 family. There have been rumors of bigger models, A380-900 and A380-1000. At the same time, the airlines that own A380 have shown interest in more efficient airplanes and with a better operational / passenger cost ratio.

Even Emirates, which owns the largest fleet of A380, said it may be interested in a Neo version of the superjumbo. Can we expect new A380 aircraft equipped with more efficient engines and upgraded cabs, maybe even lighter? The answer is likely to be given by 2020, when Boeing 777X will enter operational service.

To date, Airbus has collected orders for 324 A380 aircraft (Emirates with the largest order - 140 units) and delivered 128 units. There are 10 airlines with A380 in the fleet: Emirates (44), Singapore Airlines (19), Qantas (12), Lufthansa (10), Air France (9), Korean Air (8), Malaysia Airlines (6), Thai Airways International (6), China Southern Airlines (5), and British Airways (4).

On 26 May 2014, Asiana Airlines will become the 11 airline with A380 in the fleet, and we will keep you updated with the news.

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