Airbus on the verge of losing an order of 3.8 billion dollars

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Airbus is about to lose an order worth 3.8 billion. Hong Kong Airlines has announced its intention to renounce the order 10 Airbus A380 aircraft. This comes after the airline canceled its expansion plans to London.


Yang Jianhong, president of the carrier, announced that the new plan aims to introduce A330 and A320 aircraft, but not A380. In the future, Hong Kong Airlines will focus more on small, regional and medium routes. And they will have a more cautious approach when it comes to long routes.

Chances are that this 10 A380 command will be converted to an order with several smaller aircraft. No clear decision has yet been made on these matters. Plus, the Hong King operator plans to own an "all-Airbus" fleet to reduce maintenance costs.

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