Airbus delivers the 100 A380 aircraft

Airbus delivers 100 A380 aircraft (video)

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Today, 14 March 2013, Airbus will deliver the 100 A380 aircraft. It has the registration number 9M-MNF and will be operated by Malaysia Airlines. "100th A380" is marked on the fuselage of the aircraft, which marks a new milestone for the European manufacturer of large civil aircraft.

Currently, only 9 airlines have Airbus A380 aircraft in their fleets: Emirates (31 aircraft), Singapore Airlines (19 aircraft), Qantas (12 aircraft), Lufthansa (10 aircraft), Air France (8 aircraft), Korean Air ( 6 aircraft), China Southern Airlines (5 aircraft), Malaysia Airlines (5 + 1 aircraft) and Thai Airways International (3 aircraft).


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