Airbus, one step away from the first position among the aircraft manufacturers

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In aviation, the big battle of aircraft manufacturers takes place between Boeing and Airbus. For years, Boeing has held the leading position in aircraft produced and sold every year.

But in 2019 the situation can change. Boineg is losing ground due to the crisis with 737 MAX. Production has been reduced, and 737 MAX aircraft deliveries have been halted until the right to fly on this model will be granted.

Airbus in first position

In this context, Airbus is galloping to the top position among the aircraft manufacturers. In the first 6 months of 2019, Airbus delivered 389 aircraft, up 28% from 2018. This increase is also due to the orders delivered on the A220 model, inherited from Bombardier.

And in the next half of 2019, the target is 500 for planes. Thus, the chances of reaching the 880-890 target delivered this year are high.

We could say it's a gift for Airbus on the anniversary of the 50 years since its inception.

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