Is Airbus Ready A220-300LR / A220-300XLR?

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The aeronautical industry is constantly expanding and transforming. Every year, airlines adjust their operations to get maximum profit. Frequently, air carriers order new aircraft to benefit from low operating costs. At the same time, I am looking for all-in-one models, which can be easily configured according to the operational needs.

Currently, airlines are putting pressure on aircraft manufacturers to make cost-effective and comfortable passenger models. The focus is on models with 2 engines, which have the best flight autonomy and, at the same time, are flexible for interior configurations.

A220-300LR / A220-300XLR?

Qantas wants to implement the Sunrise project, but for this it needs high-flying aircraft. The Qantas plan is to connect any city in Australia with any airport in the world by direct flights. Market rumors have already announced the model Airbus A350-1000ULR, which could fly 20 for hours without stopping.

More recently, there are airlines that want airplanes dedicated to regional and medium-courier flights with the best autonomy and increased passenger comfort. Airbus has been able to perfect the C-Series family of aircraft, increasing the autonomy of the A220-100 (up to 6297 kilometers) and A220-300 (up to 6204 kilometers). These are the only planes in the 100-150 segment of seats.

And there is demand for airplanes in the A220 family, but with extended range. Moxy Airways, a new American airline founded by David Neeleman, has commissioned 60 aircraft A220-300. But it wants them with increased autonomy to be able to operate flights over the Atlantic Ocean.

From the information published in the international press, the new model in the Airbus A220 family could bear the name A220-300LR or A220-300XLR. There are high chances that the new model will be officially announced by the end of this year. Autonomy can be increased by attaching an additional fuel tank, plus minor aerodynamic changes.

As you can see, in the near future all aircraft will be LR, XLR and ULR. A350-900ULR and A350-1000ULR, A220-300LR / XLR, A321LR and A321XLR, these are just some of the aircraft of the future that Airbus will be able to produce or produce. We are waiting for the Boeing news!

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