Airbus and Boeing have expressed concern about 5G networks in the US

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Now, if we drew your attention to this title, let's see how it really is. Airbus and Boeing have sent a letter to the US Department of Transportation expressing "concern" over possible interference between some 5G networks and aircraft flight instruments.

In fact, these are networks that use the C-Band 5G wireless spectrum (3.7 - 3.8 GHz), developed by Verizon and AT&T, which could interfere with aircraft radio altimeters. The 5G networks of the two telecommunications operators would be launched on January 5.

Studies are currently underway and major aircraft manufacturers are working with civilian authorities, government officials and air carriers to ensure the safety of air operations around the world.

Authorities may recommend shutting down 5G phones on board aircraft. A similar measure has already been taken by France, at least until there are sufficient studies and regulations so that flights are not endangered.

US authorities may impose a limitation on the power of 5G antennas near airports, as France did earlier this year. The measure would be necessary to avoid the alleged interference that may occur between 5G networks and ILS systems dedicated to landing operations at any time.

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