The Airbus A310 YR-LCB TAROM aircraft remains on the ground. She was retired!

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As I announced on the Facebook Airlines Travel page, TAROM The two widebody aircraft of the type are about to retire Airbus A310-300.

Airbus A310 YR-LCB TAROM at the end of his career

Airbus A310 YR-LCB aircraft, the first to remain on the ground. Today, September 12 2016, the plane operated the last flight of his career. After 24.5 years of flights, it ended its activity with the RO416 flight: Madrid-Bucharest.

VIDEO: Airbus A310 (YR-LCB) TAROM Prague - Crosswind Landing

Airbus A310-300 YR-LCB has 24.5 years since the first flight. Named Moldova, the plane arrived in the TAROM fleet on 17 December 1992. During most of the activity period, YR-LCB was configured in 2 classes: 20 of seats in business class and 189 of seats in economy class. During the 2010-2013 period, the aircraft was configured VIP.

Airbus A310 YR-LCB TAROM
PHOTO: Philip Lueger / Airbus A310 YR-LCB TAROM

In 1992-1994, following controversial transactions, TAROM acquired 2 Airbus A310 aircraft directly from the French manufacturer, and the 3 arrived from Delta Air Lines. YR-LCA, YR-LCB and YR-LCC, the 3 A310 aircraft in the TAROM fleet. YR-LCC had a tragic end, crashing near Balotești. YR-LCB was retired today, 12 September 2016. YR-LCA will be retired at the end of October.

Unfortunately, TAROM has not officially announced anything about the withdrawal of the 2 A310 aircraft. There is no question about a special ceremony either. It would have been a good opportunity for many Romanians to see a widebody aircraft (with 2 color) in TAROM colors, probably the last ones for a good period.

What will be the next move for TAROM operator? The Romanian national carrier announced its intention to lease 2 aircraft, but not of the same size. Rumor has it that 2 Airbus A320 aircraft will be in the fleet. Is this the right solution?

Goodbye, Bravo!

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