Airbus A380 Emirates aircraft has been visited by thousands of people (ILA Berlin 2014) (photo / video)

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Between 20-25 and 2014, Emirates participated in ILA Berlin NOTHING with a Airbus A380. During five days of aviation performance, the aircraft was visited by approximately 13 000 persons, the equivalent of 25 full loads.


It was a "magnet" for the visitors of this aviation fair, the queue having a length of up to 155 meters. The aircraft on display was the 48th in the Emirates fleet and the 150th delivered by Airbus, which was delivered directly from Hamburg. Visitors were able to take a tour of the aircraft and go through all the cabins, including First Class.

For such a tour, I would have liked to stand in line. I am convinced that the effort of those present was worth it. It is never known when they will have the opportunity to board an A380 Emirates again.


Inclusive Chancellor Angela Merkel boarded the Airbus A380 Emirates aircraft. The visit was part of the official opening tour of the fair.

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Also at the ILA Berlin 2014, Emirates introduced Angelika Barufke (co-pilot), one of the 50 women pilots in the airline.

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