Airbus A380 Hi Fly aircraft damaged in Paris / Operational changes at Air Austral

On Friday night, the Airbus A380 HiFly aircraft was damaged in Paris. After being towed to the boarding gate, one of the engines was hit by the boarding gate.

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At the end of August, the aircraft Airbus A380 Hi Fly began flying to Air Austral on the Paris - Reunion route.

Unfortunately, on Friday night (7 September 2018), the plane was damaged in Paris. One of the engines suffered significant damage after being hit by the boarding bridge.

This incident turned all Air Austral flights upside down. Flight UU978, on the route Paris - Reunion, was canceled. The approximately 500 passengers, who were due to fly on Friday, were accommodated at the hotel and will be re-routed on other Air Austral flights to their final destination.

The Airbus A380 Hi Fly aircraft was damaged

Airbus A380 Hi Fly will remain on the ground until the problem is resolved. The misfortune causes Air Austral to have another airplane, a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, grounded for technical review.

With the oversized fleet, Air Austral was forced to make significant adjustments to the operational program. Flights from Réunion to Johannesburg or Seychelles are also affected.

Hi-Fly A380-Reunion
Hi-Fly A380-Reunion

All passengers were contacted by Air Austral and booked on other flights operated by the company or were notified of some delays.

Air Austral has announced that it will retain the lease agreement for the A380 Hi Fly aircraft until the end of September, waiting to be re-introduced to the operational service.

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