AirFi on board TAROM aircraft

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TAROM launches AirFi, a new service on board aircraft. Most people want to be always connected to information, regardless of place and time. TAROM, in partnership with Dnata, introduces AirFi, the smallest portable entertainment system on board its aircraft.

AirFi in TAROM aircraft

TAROM Airbus A310

Having the approximate size of a shoe box and weighing 1,2 kilograms, two AirFi devices can cover the capacity of an aircraft with 180 seats. On Airbus A310 aircraft, 3 AirFi devices will be fitted. 2 AirFi devices will be installed on Airbus and Boeing aircraft in the TAROM fleet.

The connection to the AirFi system is made directly from the browser of the mobile device, without the need to install any application. The interface is also scalable to any screen resolution or size of mobile device (phone, tablet or laptop).

The AirFi platform offers passengers a wide range of options: shop, chat with other passengers, games, travel information, magazines, newspapers, news - in the form of newsfeed, movies and music.

The platform also includes a form of opinions on TAROM services, which will increase the satisfaction of passengers' needs and improve the customer relationship.

The duration of the AirFi console lasts up to 14 hours. With each landing, the contents of the AirFi box are updated so that passengers are always up to date with the latest news.

Statement - Gabriel STOE - General Manager of TAROM Company
“The need for information, mobility and permanent connectivity has led us to launch the AirFi service. Through this service, passengers have the opportunity to find out the latest information, see their favorite movie or find out all the data about the trip and the final destination. ”

Starting in August, the service will be active on flights to Dubai, Madrid and Barcelona. It will be free, and passengers will be able to connect through their own mobile devices. AirFi is a Wireless intranet service. You will not be able to connect to the internet or to be on social networks.

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  1. Tom says

    Phone / tablet battery to keep you…

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      For flights of 2-3 hours I do not think it is a problem 😀

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