Airport Trends - Women's Day at Henri Coanda Airport

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Bucharest National Airports Company celebrates, this year, Women's Day through an event dedicated to the passengers of Henri Coanda Airport and women working in the field of aviation, employees of different companies in the airport area.

Continuing the tradition of recent years, CNAB organizes, Thursday, NOVEMBER March NO, the event "Airport Trends". Starting at 12.00, Departure Terminal of Henri Coanda Airport will host a fashion show, the brand Adina Buzatu, bringing the show to the center of attention and this year some of the employees and employees of CNAB who had the courage to climb the podium. "Airport Trends" is aimed especially at the passengers of Henri Coandă Airport, who will be invited to dance by Argentine tango professionals. As part of the event, the famous make-up artist Mirela Vescan and the hair styling professionals at Abbate Salon will be demonstrating virtuosity.

(AirlinesTravel Photo: Women's Day - CNAB - March 2014)

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