The airports in Cluj and Târgu Mureş "fight" in statements on Ryanair

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Ryanair returns to Romania. The dilemma remains whether they will operate from Cluj or from Targu Mures airport. The management of the "Transylvania" airport in Târgu Mureş announced that it has finalized the negotiations with the representatives of the low-cost air operator Ryanair regarding the technical operating conditions, the airport taxes and the services offered, mentioning that Ryanair will operate in Târgu Mureş.

But the Irish air operator is also negotiating with the officials of the Cluj airport, and the "hurried" announcement of those from Târgu Mureş aroused indignation among the Mureş County Council.

The director of Targu-Mures Airport, Stefan Runcan, rushed to counter the action of Cluj-Napoca Airport, which is in full negotiation with Ryanair, mentioning that he had already signed the contract with the Irish operator. But Ryanair did not sign anything, and the people from Cluj continued the negotiations.

I tend to believe that Ryanair will go to Cluj. The airport is modernized, a new runway will be built in April, the city is an important tourist point for Romania. Plus Ryan air wants to reach its passenger target, which they failed to do during the 2008-2009 period.

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