Alignment of aircraft upon landing at London Heathrow (video)

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About a month ago, on the account Cargospotter a beautiful video with several aircraft lined up for landing at London Heathrow Airport was uploaded. The first half of the material is rolled at a speed of 17x, and the other at normal speed.

You can see several types of aircraft as they prepare to land on one of the busiest airports in Europe. There are also aircraft that are diverted or are in the Go around procedure. You can see how the planes keep a distance between them in order to land safely. The movements are given by the air currents, but also by the way they are piloted. In most cases, landing / take-off procedures are performed manually by pilots.

The movie is very nice and relaxing, but I don't like the soundtrack. I would have chosen something more dynamic!

  1. Narcisa says

    so this explains the hollows in the stomach

  2. Sorin says

    Yes, it depends on the situation :). It gave me FlyNiki emotions because the alignment in Vienna is very strange. Had to take some turns in the air of the aircraft station with the vertical wings: d

    1. Narcisa says

      ouch! I hope I don't have such opportunities. at least not when I'm not sleeping 🙂

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