Rome - Beijing with Alitalia, from 18 July to 2016

Alitalia resumes flights to Beijing from July 18 July 2016

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Starting with 18 July 2016, Alitalia resumes direct flights to China, announcing the Rome - Beijing route. This is the 3 long-haul route announced for 2016, after Santiago de Chile (since May 1) and Mexico City (from 16 June).

Alitalia resumes flights to Beijing

The new route will be honored with 4 weekly flights, following the following schedule:

AZ790 Rome Fiumicino 14: 20 - 06: 20 + 1 Beijing - Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
AZ791 Beijing 09: 15 - 14: 25 Rome Fiumicino - Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

Airbus A330-Alitalia

Alitalia will operate these flights with Airbus A330 aircraft, which can carry up to 250 passengers, in a configuration with 3 classes: Economy, Premium Economy and Business. Passengers will enjoy the new Alitalia cabins, as well as the new services implemented.

Beijing will be the 3 Asian destination of the Alitalia network, after Tokyo and Seoul. For those interested in cargo services, Alitalia will also offer this service to be able to transport cargo in the hold of passenger planes.

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