Will Alitalia fly again starting in March 2022?

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The situation of ITA Airways, the Italian airline that took the place of the late Alitalia, closed the year with a negative EBIT of -170 million EURO. Authorities in Italy are not happy about the start of ITA Airways or the plan presented by the company's Board of Directors.

In this context, it is possible that the Alitalia brand will be resurfaced from March 2022. ITA Airways took over the Alitalia brand for EUR 90 million in October 2021. After the acquisition of the Alitalia brand, it was put in the drawer for that the new airline preferred to present itself under the ITA Airways brand. The decision was made to break with Alitalia's past.

But according to Alfredo Altavilla, Executive Chairman of ITA Airways, the name Alitalia could be reintroduced for a special division of the Group: " We have always intended to use the Alitalia brand…”. Not for a low-cost division, but possible for either European operations or intercontinental flights.

Company officials say they will not give up the name of ITA Airways, and the start of the company was in accordance with the provisions of the operational plan, although the revenues were half of the initially announced target. Failure is also attributed to pandemic travel restrictions.

In the first two and a half months, ITA Airways recorded revenues of EUR 86 million: EUR 76.6 million in commercial passenger transport and EUR 9.4 million in freight transport.

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