All Romanians, who were stranded in Cancun, were allowed to enter Mexico.

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Following the telephone conversation on the evening of February 3, 2021 of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu with his Mexican counterpart, the Mexican authorities urgently remedied the situation of the Romanian citizens stranded at the international airport in Cancun.

Also, the Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs sent to the Romanian counterpart, on behalf of the Government of his country, regrets for the negative impact produced by the actions of the Mexican authorities. 

Romanians were given the right to enter Mexico

Thus, all Romanian citizens stranded at the airport were allowed access to the territory of the United Mexican Stateswith except for 5 Romanian citizens, for which the measure of non-entry was ordered, due to the existence of an individual security alert, they will return to the country during this day.

All Romanian citizens were re-evaluated individually regarding the conditions of entry into Mexican territory. The charge d'affaires at the Romanian Embassy in the United Mexican States was at the airport during the proceedings and provided assistance to Romanian citizens who needed information, support to provide translation and guidance for completing the forms. He was also assisted by the honorary consul of Romania in Cancun.

Security alerts must be handled individually

Also, as a result of the steps taken especially during the telephone conversation of Minister Aurescu with his Mexican counterpart, when the Romanian side stressed that the general security alerts targeting Romanian citizens are inadmissible, the Mexican authorities confirmed that any security that may affect the right of foreign nationals to enter Mexican territory must always be individual, and any decisions not to allow access to Mexican territory must be based on individual, case-by-case and non-discriminatory assessments. The Romanian and Mexican sides will maintain close contact in the next period to prevent similar problems.

The interim affairs manager of the Romanian Embassy in Mexico will remain in Cancun in the coming days to ensure that Romanian citizens, who have not received an entry agreement, will leave Mexican territory and to stay in touch with local authorities.

The MFA reiterates the recommendation addressed to Romanian citizens to exercise caution

The MFA also reiterates the recommendation addressed to Romanian citizens to exercise caution regarding the decision to travel for tourism during this period, especially in the case of destinations that are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The MFA recalls, in this context, that the areas of Mexico City and Cancun are classified as areas with high epidemiological risk in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic (Mexico City is considered a red zone and Cancun, an orange zone).

We remind you that Dozens of Romanians are stranded at airports in MexicoThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs is taking action in the case of Romanian tourists stranded in Mexico and we hope that the situation returns to normal. And Anat is protesting against this decision of the Mexican authorities.

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