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Anyone who has flown recently knows that the need to show medical tests or documents proving vaccination is not exactly a pleasant time to travel. There are a multitude of digital applications and health wallets that aim to eliminate traditional documents, but not all travelers are eager to download yet another application on their phone, which they will probably use quite rarely.

Privacy and security were essential to the design of Traveler ID

That's why Amadeus has added new features to Traveler ID, a secure platform that connects, digitizes and automates traveler identification and document validation during the trip. This platform connects medical systems, integrating several parties involved in the process and providing passengers with a safe way to demonstrate that they have the necessary health documentation to travel. Privacy and security have been essential to the design of Traveler ID, giving passengers the opportunity to choose when and where they want to provide digital evidence of their health.

For airlines and airports, this solution can be integrated directly into their own digital channels. This component is natively included in IT systems, which means that travelers do not have to be redirected to unknown third-party applications to check their health documentation.

The Amadeus component can be used by the passenger, either before departure or at the airport, at the check-in at the airline office or at a self-service device. This new functionality can be easily integrated into air systems as a standalone option, without the need to contract the full Traveler ID platform.

Amadeus integrates this solution with several health information aggregators

Amadeus integrates this solution with several health information aggregators, such as CommonPass and ICC AOKpass1, to allow travelers to retrieve digital records through their chosen provider without leaving the airline's website. The platform also has direct connections to testing centers in partnership with airlines, providing robust, robust global coverage.

Traveler ID is part of the Safe Travel ecosystem, Amadeus' global program that aims to support the restart of the travel industry. Star Alliance and Lufthansa Group are already key partners of Amadeus, and Amadeus is exploring options to provide services as part of the Safe Travel ecosystem. Other partners, including airlines, hotels and airports, will be able to.

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