American Airlines offers free LIVE TV on domestic flights

American Airlines, one of the largest airlines worldwide, has announced that it offers free live television on domestic flights.

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American Airlines, the airline with the largest fleet in the world (including subsidiaries), has announced that it will offer free live television on domestic flights from the United States.

The service was activated on the first 100 aircraft, which operate flights to the United States. In 2019, American Airlines plans to offer high-speed internet and live television on 700 single-aisle aircraft.

American Airlines offers free LIVE TV

Through the LIVE TV service, passengers can enjoy live broadcasts over 12 TV channels: Bravo; CBS; CNBC; CNN; Disney Channel; ESPN; FOX; NBC; NFL Network; Telemundo; TNT; DOOR.

Passengers can watch these channels for free through their own gadgets: laptop, tablet or smartphone. The American Airlines entertainment service includes numerous movies and entertainment shows.

Live TV can be accessed in over 100 of American Airlines aircraft, including in all 48 of Airbus A320 aircraft and in over 60 of A319 aircraft. At the same time, through the Gogo 2Ku system, there is also high-speed Wi-Fi on board these airplanes.

American Airlines plans to equip the entire continental and long-haul fleet with quality multimedia services. Provide free high-speed internet access and live broadcasts of television stations. Considering the size of the fleet, it will not be easy :).

If you plan to travel by plane between American cities, consider these benefits too!

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