Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in 2016: 63.6 million passengers

In 2016, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport registered an increase of 9.2% of passenger traffic!

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Year 2016 was very good for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. According to information provided by the Royal Schiphol Group, the Dutch airport registered an increase of 9.2% of passenger traffic. 63.6 million passengers passed the Amsterdam airport threshold in 2016.

And the number of aircraft movements, take-offs and landings has registered a significant increase of 6.3%, reaching 478 864. The aircraft movement limit is set at 500 000 per year, up to 2020. Analyzing the figures from 2016, we notice that Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is approaching the maximum capacity established, which means that it needs urgent investments in modernization.

Revenue increased by 0.8%, although airport taxes decreased by 11.6%. During the period 2015-2017, the airport charges decreased cumulatively by 23%. But all this was offset by increased passenger and freight traffic.

Amsterdam-Schiphol development

But new investments in infrastructure will lead to a slight increase in airport charges starting with 2018.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport provides connections to 322 from European and intercontinental destinations. 111 airlines operate regular flights to / from Amsterdam airport.

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