An Airbus A310 Luftwaffe aircraft will transport COVID-19 patients from Romania to Germany

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Today, an Airbus A310 Luftwaffe aircraft will transport COVID-19 patients from Romania to Germany. The National Committee for Emergency Situations has adopted a decision on the transfer of patients with severe and severe forms of Covid-19 to Germany. A team of German doctors has been in the country since Friday. The aircraft will fly on the route Cologne - Bucharest and return. It is not yet known how many will be transferred to Germany to receive specialized treatment.

The Airbus A310 MedEvac LUFTWAFFE is a "wing intensive care unit". On board are the medical teams of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe). The Airbus A310 MedEvac was built on the platform of a Airbus A310 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT).

The number of people with COVID-19 who will be transferred to Germany is to be established, a medical team from this country being in Romania to assess the situation, interim Prime Minister Florin Cîţu said on Friday. hotnews.

"I want to let you know that an evaluation team of military doctors from Germany has come to transfer patients to Germany. We will see exactly how many people can go to Germany and Mr Arafat will announce the details, but I want to tell you that the team is here and assessing the situation.", Said Cîţu.

The evaluation team is made up of personnel from the medical service of the German armed forces, the quoted source states. Also, a German air force aircraft will be available on Monday for the strategic aeromedical evacuation of patients.

The team will travel in collaboration with the Department for Emergency Situations, under the leadership of Secretary of State Raed Arafat.

"Europe is characterized by its solidarity and in the common fight against COVID-19. Germany and Romania remain united in these difficult times. I am glad, therefore, to receive the medical team from Germany in Romania. In these dark days, good cooperation between our countries is a real ray of hope. Every life counts. Therefore, I hope that the mission and transport of patients will go well", The German ambassador, Peer Gebauer, was quoted as saying by Agerpres.

Similar missions were carried out in March 2020 between Italy and Germany. At that time Italy was overwhelmed by the number of cases of COVID-19, without a well-defined treatment or vaccine. Unfortunately, Romania is going through such moments in the context in which there are approved vaccines, defined treatments.

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