An Airbus A320, with 172 people on board, in the sight of the Syrian anti-aircraft system

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The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that an Airbus A320, carrying 172 people, was targeted by the Syrian anti-aircraft system. The plane landed in emergency at Khmeimim air base, after being shot at, informs

From our checks, at that time, the A320 (YK-BAA) Cham Wings Airlines plane had to land in Damascus. According to Flightradar, the aircraft is not listed as being landed at Damascus International Airport, but somewhere further south, where the Khmeimim airfield is supposed to be.

The Syrian anti-aircraft system was activated following an Israeli raid. Four F-4 Israeli Air Force planes fired eight air-to-ground missiles at Damascus suburbs. In an attempt to repel this attack, the anti-aircraft system also fired on an Airbus A16 commercial aircraft. The plane operated flight 320Q6 / SAW652, from Khartoum to Damascus.

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An Airbus A320, one step away from being shot down by Syria

According to statements made by Russian officials, the A320 was supposed to land in Damascus, but was diverted to Khmeimim air base. If Damascus air traffic controllers did not intervene, the aircraft could be in the air-to-air missile range of the Syrian defense system.

The Russians accuse Israel of using civilian aircraft as a shield for their attacks on Syria. According to statements made by the Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, this case is not unique.

This is not the first time that Israeli fighter jets have endangered civilian aircraft. Moscow criticized Tel Aviv for endangering two passenger flights at Beirut and Damascus airports during a 2018 air raid.

And let's not forget about the tragic event that happened earlier this year, when a Boeing 737-800 aircraft Ukrain International Airlines was shot down by Iran's anti-aircraft system.

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