An Airbus A340-600 Etihad Airways flew at low altitude over Sydney Opera House

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On 20 October 2013, an Airbus A340-600 Etihad Airways performed a low-altitude air greeting, flying over the Sydney Opera House, as part of the 40 anniversary of the inauguration of this symbolic building in Australia.


Around 10: 50, local time, the EY9240 flight flew at 610 meters over Sydney Opera House. The Airbus A340-600 Etihad Airways could be admired by approximately 10 000 people who gathered to celebrate the Sydney Opera House.


Captain A340-600 (A6-EHK) had Captain Giorgio Evangelisti on his sleeve. He was joined by Captain Gregory McCarthy and Officer John Redward in the cockpit.

Sydney Opera House is located at the top of a promenade overlooking the port of Sydney, Australia. It is a project realized by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon. Its construction began in 1958, and the inauguration took place on 20 October 1973. Today, the Sydney Opera House is considered the symbol of Sydney and Australia, and thousands of tourists come every week to admire this work of art.

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