An individual climbed on the wing of an airplane in progress at the airport in Lagos (Video)

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Last Friday, on 19 July 2019, passengers on the Azman Air flight AZM2316 were experiencing moments of panic when they saw an individual boarding the wing of the plane.

The incident took place at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. The aircraft was taxiing to the runway, preparing to take off to Port Harcourt International Airport.

Initially, the passengers grew up talking about a terrorist attack. Many of them asked the crew to evacuate the plane. During this time, the commander of the aircraft noticed the suspect and decided to stop the 1 engine in order not to injure him.

Panic aboard an Azman Air plane

The law enforcement of the airport managed to arrest him after 23 minutes. They learned that the individual wanted to fly to Ghana, but refused to say how to get to the secured area of ​​the airport.

This incident is not unique. More and more people in poor countries in Africa are improvising to travel by plane to more affluent areas. Unfortunately, some lose their lives or go to jail.

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