RYANAIR employees at Charleroi airport were forced to carry out anti-drug tests on their money

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A number of Ryanair employees working at Charleroi airport in Belgium have received a notification that they must perform an anti-drug test in a hotel near the airport, unionist Didier Lebbe announced. "We are not against such tests, but these employees had to pay 50 euros for the test."

"It's up to an occupational doctor to administer the test," says Lebbe. "In this case, Charleroi employees based in Charleroi were called by Crewlink (a Ryanair subcontractor) to be tested at a hotel near Charleroi airport and found out that they had to pay 50 euros for the test, which could be deducted from their next salary. "

According to an internal announcement, Crewlink threatened to fire employees who would refuse the test and asked employees not to take the test during working hours, but in their free time. According to Lebbe, Crewlink is a "completely illegal" company in Belgium. "Not only is this company no longer active in Belgium, but it is not entitled to be paid to perform these tests."

Crewlink was active in Belgium many years ago, with many Ryanair employees being employed by this company, where they had worse working conditions than at Ryanair. In February 2019, management and unions agreed that all Ryanair employees will receive a corresponding contract and Crewlink will no longer operate in Belgium.

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