Animawings will expand its fleet and profit from the collapse of Blue Air

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The collapse of Blue Air affected and affects us all, not just the injured passengers and the company employees left out of a job. For aviation in Romania, it is a great loss. We won't have an airline like Blue Air any time soon, and here I'm not referring to the last 2 years of crisis and pandemic, years in which Blue Air began to lose the trust of passengers through poor management.

Animawings will increase its fleet with two more aircraft

I have flown a lot with Blue Air in the past and I was satisfied with the services offered, the flight staff, the experience I had on board its planes. But that doesn't stop me from saying that the company's downfall started in 2019 with the changes made at the management level.

Now, the fact that the airline operator Blue Air will no longer fly any time soon will affect us all through the lens of the increased prices charged by the other airlines remaining in the market, but also through the lack of direct flights to many European destinations.

Animawings will take over 10% of Blue Air's routes

At the same time, it is a good time for other airlines to take flight or capture the market left vacant by Blue Air. And here we refer to animewings, AirConnect, Wizz Air, RYANAIR and even TAROM.

Mr. Cristian Pandele, Chairman of the Board Memento Group of which Animawings is also part, told the Stock Exchange that the said airline intends to increase its fleet with two more planes for the 2023 summer season and hopes to take over 10% of the operational schedule released by Blue Air.

The collapse of Blue Air represents a tragedy for the entire tourism sector, believes Cristian Pandel, Chairman of the Board Memento Group. Practically, the market has become unbalanced, he told us in an interview, emphasizing that Animawings, the aviation company that is part of the Memento Group, will take over part of the flights operated by Blue Air.

Animawings now has two of its own planes and one taken in the ACMI system (no air leasing), so it operates with three planes. When needed, the company flies planes from Aegean Airlines, the Greek shareholder of Animawigs. "We have 55 weekly flights, each plane makes about three rotations a day. There are approximately 15 destinations to which we fly - most of them - Antalya, Greece, Bodrum, etc.", Cristian Pandel told us. The rest of the interview on Bursa!

It remains to be seen what will happen in the local aviation market. It will be an interesting 2023 in all aspects, from prices, offers, routes… By the way, get the idea out of your head that there is currently a clone company for Blue Air and ready to take over Blue Air planes and routes. No, it does not exist!

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