Anny Divya, the youngest female Boeing 777 aircraft commander

At just 30, Anny Divya can boast of being the youngest female Boeing 777 aircraft commander in the world. Read the story below, which can be a life lesson for us all!

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The story of young Anny Divya, Boeing 777 aircraft commander, is impressive and can be a life lesson for us all. It is proof of the saying "take care of what you want because it can be fulfilled". At the same time, it is proof that the very desire to succeed in a field can carry you on the paths of success.


Anny Divya - young woman commander of the Boeing 777 aircraft

Anny Divya was born into a modest family, near a Pathankot military air base. Her mother instilled in her early childhood the passion of being a pilot. At first, the family and those close to them laughed at the young woman's dream. The high cost of the pilot school discouraged her, but her mother and sister supported her to follow her dream. Nor was the father too pleased with the girl's choice, but in the end he made every effort to support her in the choice he made.

Anny completed the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi Aviation School (IGRUA)

In 2003, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA), the aviation school of Uttar Pradesh, announced that it is opening its doors for those who want to become pilots. For the first time, students were looking for no flight hours. Anny Divya found out and left for Delhi for the entrance exams. She traveled 2 days by train, more standing, with her mother.

It was a tough exam, with a lot of candidates for the 30 seats removed, but Anny was selected. A difficult time followed for the family, during which time more and more people were trying to discourage them. But they didn't give back. They borrowed money from their neighbors and from a bank and Anny managed to complete the aviation school. What don't parents do for their babies?!?!

Coming from a rural environment, without too many opportunities and without the opportunity to learn English at school, Anny went through a cultural shock. Ever since the first day of aviation school, the young woman has been the target of those in Delhi and Mumbai. But he didn't give up. He worked very hard and had done much better than his other colleagues, who came from wealthy families with a history of aviation.

The work and perseverance of the young woman attracted many jealousy, but also a scholarship towards the end of the training period. Slowly, Anny gained the trust of others and began to perfect her English.

In 2006, Anny Divya co-piloted Air India

At 19 years, Anny Divya finished aviation school, and in 2006 she arrived at Air India on merit. She was sent to school in Spain, for the first time abroad, where she prepared to fly Boeing 737 aircraft.

At 21 for years, he boarded Boeing 777 aircraft, after another stage of schooling in London. Triple Seven aircraft are widebody and fly on long and very long flights. Such aircraft can carry up to 370 passengers.

At 30 for years, Anny Divya is a Boeing 777 aircraft commander

This year, at 30 years ago, Anny Divya became the youngest female Boeing 777 aircraft commander in the world. It flies regularly to New York, Chicago and San Francisco. An Air India company commander, who was one of her instructors, says that Anny is very knowledgeable and keen, but also willing to implement what she has learned.

From a financial point of view, the fate of the family has changed. He paid off the loan made by his parents and paid off his debts. She funded her younger brother's studies in Australia and helped her older sister move to the United States.

He bought a nice house for his parents in Vijaywada and invested in a house in Hyderabad. She says many of her colleagues have spent their money to buy more properties, but she feels her money is better invested in her brother's education.

Anny Divya is an example to follow. Her performance is remarkable, but it may seem even more impressive when you consider the following statistic: of the 140.000 line pilots worldwide, just over 6.500 of them are women - an average of just over 5% worldwide - and only 450 of them are captains.

We hope this story will inspire more women to pursue a career in aviation, at the helm of commercial aircraft, and experience the joy of flying.

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